Apple … why do you make it so hard to like you

This is totally unrelated to running but has nothing to do with my work/employment so this is the best place I have to make my observations. The recent move by Apple to restrict how people can develop for the iphone or other Apple products seemed hokey to me, it reeks of a closed platform. Now there are advantages to it but the beginnings of anit-trust investigations are an interesting indication of concerns people have. Yes I read Steve’s letter on Flash, I agree to disagree.

With everybody and their teenager writing iphone apps I thought hey, I have a mac let’s try it. Now I register and pay for the developer program. Then, wait I download the iphone SDK and tools. Then I try to install and get an error, I have to upgrade my Mac OSX to be able to install the new version of the SDK. I just don’t get it, when did SDKs that you compile against require an OS upgrade. It just doesn’t make sense to me, well it does in that Apple gets another 30 bucks from me when I upgrade but it’s very annoying and doesn’t make sense to me from my limited undersanding of the relationship between OS’s, SDK’s, compilers and development tools.


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