Piling on a new venture to the heap

I mentioned a few posts ago trying to do it all, well another step in that direction was taken today. I made a visit to the Texas Secretary of State to file paperwork to incorporate a company. More on that in the future as things make progress. It’ll be a learning experience no matter where it goes.

I was thinking about blogging after filing the paperwork. I have this running blog (regularly updated), my NI work blog (barely updated) and this new venture should bring a third  (hopefully updated more often than my NI one). Most of what I work on I can’t really post on so I may just give up on my NI blog. There may be a way to combine them all into one place, the downside of that would be no “separation of church and state”. For now this is the only blog I’m actively writing on, if the new venture gathers steam I’ll try some test runs of posts here before creating an entirely new one with a more dedicated purpose. If this new venture does have some legs I’ll enjoy having a second blog to share what I’m working on with some friends and expound on something other than running.


2 Responses to Piling on a new venture to the heap

  1. muz says:

    Put here, I can track all of you from my blog it is easier and would be more fun to read something more than running once in a while…

  2. […] be ALL IN if I feel I can PR at CIM or I’ll put training into cruise control. I hope the start-up a few friends and I are working on has some legs to it and that will need some attention and backing off of running a little for this […]

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