Setting reasonable goals and adjusting by listening to the body

I probably haven’t been doing either of these things well this season. 90 miles a week is still my target but that is 20 miles more a week than I’m running right now and 15 more than I’ve ever managed to run consistently. This week I’ve come crashing down, the combination of work, running, family, and starting a new business. Anyway, there are many of reasons or excuses but in the end it comes down to my failure in not balancing everything and backing off on something. My body did let me know this Thursday, by Friday my weight was 8 lb below what I should be after a run, now I’m 6 to 7 below where I should be in the morning before running. So for now my training plans are simple, get over the bug that’s keeping me sick and get my weight back up and then worry about whatever is going on with my running paces and mileage. No pressure until … well just no pressure.


2 Responses to Setting reasonable goals and adjusting by listening to the body

  1. […] is supposed to be the build phase but alas for me it’s been the decline phase. Week 3 is when I got sick.  It started the end of the week which is what left the long run at 8 miles; Asia had to pick me […]

  2. […] the 26th of June. 70 to 80 miles a week seems sustainable for me and I’m not as certain about my original goal of a 90 mile a week base. That’s quite alright with me, 90 was a stretch and I may try and get up there once but 75 a […]

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