CIM training season in review – weeks 6 through 9

August 8, 2010

The first five weeks of the season was “a mixed bag“. The last four have been relatively similar but more consistent:

  • Week 6 (July 12) – 6 days of running, 73 miles, 7:30 average pace, 22 mile long run
  • Week 7 (July 19) – 7 days of running, 86 miles, 7:40 average pace, 21 mile long run
  • Week 8 (July 26) – 6 days of running, 70 miles, 7:30 average pace, 20 mile long run
  • Week 9 (Aug 2) – 6 days of running, 78 miles, 7:30 average pace, 20 mile long run

With any season it’s a challenge to just focus on yourself and your training. It’s really all you can control, what anybody else is doing or feeling is just that. Even with that knowledge it is difficult at times to wonder if I’m running too slowly given the faster paces a bunch of the crew is running. In the end I am where I am with my training and people may be getting faster and seeing the benefits of their close to two and half years of training. My 2:51 breakthrough race in Portland was great for me so this may be the breakthrough season for lots of others.

I feel a little better after looking at my log to see where my training is compared to a similar timeframe leading up to Portland last summer. Looking back to Portland training last year:

  • I was coming of an injury that prevented me from running the Boston marathon, this season was a relatively clean transition from Boston.
  • My average paces in the summer are around 10 seconds a mile faster this summer
  • I’m running an average of 15 miles a week more per week than I was the same time last summer
  • I do feel a more labored and tiered this year, of course my memory is not very clear about last year.

This could mean that I’m faster but it may not. Last year it wasn’t until the second race prep that I dropped my target for Portland to 2:50 so the first part of the season was relatively easier. This season may or may not see the same drop. I’ll just have to keep on taking it easy till Steve says it’s time to start pushing the paces and then I’ll know what the possibilities for the season are. It’s hard on group runs to not just leave it all out there on the road but the patience will pay off … it better pay off 🙂

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