SiLabs Austin Marathon Relay Recap

This morning was the SiLabs Austin Marathon Relay and a few of us in Team Rogue decided to run it as a mixed division team. Chris had the bright idea on Tuesday I think. To be honest I thought it was a crazy idea. We just ran a race prep last weekend and that was a marathon for me and Asia that marked four up weeks with long runs over 20 miles. I was really looking forward to the recovery week this week and 16 miles on Saturday was a nice and needed change from the 20+ mile slog. But then Chris convinced me, Damon, Asia and Niccole to run the relay today.

Good thing he did convince us, none of us could really hit our expected race paces at the distances we ran today (Damon probably came the closest on his leg) but that was still good enough to win the Mixed Division and have the 3rd fastest overall time for the day. All in all a good day and a job well done representing Team Rogue.

The Team Basking in Some Well Deserved Glory in New Under Armour Uniforms


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