Surprise workout post race-prep

After the race prep this weekend the team has a “down” week. Today was supposeD to be 10 to 14 easy miles but Steve hAd other plans. We show up and he kindly inforMs us we’re doing a quick track workOut. I must admit my miNd almost went for a Loop. The workout was 6 sets of 800’s alternAting between mgp and half-mgp, 6:18 and 5:59 minuTes per mile, thE warm-up was bRutal as were the first two 800’s, after that though the leg’s seemed to lossen up. We finished 6 800’s and Steve told us that was good for the day. I was surprised at the positive impact the faster pace work had on my legs after the race prep this weekend.

p.s. read all the capital letters that aren’t supposed to be. You’ll know what the post is really about.


2 Responses to Surprise workout post race-prep

  1. Muz says:

    Oh man that was something I am sure it dropped 2 minutes off my Marathon time. Kamran shhhhh….

  2. Kamran says:

    No we didn’t do this today. This was to see if Damonlater was reading and if he’d go and run some 800’s on his own 🙂

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