Dull is not equal to sharp and describes my mental state as far as racing a marathon. We had our 3rd race prep today, similar to the one we do every season. The closest one based on my fitness was the one for Boston this year. In the end, today I just mentally folded on the last part of the workout, no physical reason to do it but just not mentally sharp. 5 weeks to put up or shut up. On the flip side it was an inspiring workout to see with the rest of the team slogging and nailing the workout today, especially the first timers for this workout in our little crew on the team: Brent, Asia, Paul and Chris.

Today’s workout involved a 4 mile warm-up, 2 sets of 5 miles at MGP with a half mile easy between the sets, then 5.5 miles that include some hills (Red bud and Stratford) followed by 6 miles on the track with a cut down (2 at MGP, 2 at 1/2 MGP, 2 at 10k). I did all of it close to plan but folded on the track. After running 4 miles, just decided I was done.

Goal Paces
MGP – 6:18
1/2MGP – 6:00
10k – 5:40

5 Mile MGP Sets
Set 1: 31:25 – 6:17 pace
Set 2: 31:50 – 6:22 pace

Mile 1: 6:16
Mile 2: 6:17
Mile 3: 6:00
Mile 4: 6:00
Mile 5: DNS!
Mile 6: DNS!

No excuses, didn’t deliver. As Steve said today, I just have to get what’s between my ears figured out. 5 weeks till race day and all on me to decide what I want to get out of this season.


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