2 and a half weeks out and a little dinged up

It’s been a so so season really, I haven’t been as consistent as I should be with … well pretty much everything, running, diet, nutrition, strength training. On the good side I’ve managed to keep trudging along in the season and get fitter. This week I made a rookie mistake and didn’t run for three days and did a hard workout. On Sunday we ran the San Antonio half marathon and I had a good run. This Thursday was the warhurst, 4 sets of 1 mile at tempo and then 1200 at 10k pace. I managed 2 sets and on the third 1 mile my right quad started tightening up, just wouldn’t respond. Well between Sunday and Thursday I did absolutely nothing, just let my legs get all tightened up. It was laziness on my part on Monday and Wednesday and just a stupid mistake. Even as I was thinking of the Thursday workout I thought it would be iffy to run a hard workout after a hard Sunday run and nothing in between. There’s definitely something up with the right quad, today’s 12 mile run turned into 6 since I felt it starting to tighten up again. Over the next two weeks the focus will be keeping somewhat active with the running to maintain fitness and doing what I can to get the Quad worked on. Race plan is still TBD.


2 Responses to 2 and a half weeks out and a little dinged up

  1. Jennifer Howard-Brown says:

    You are strong, healthy and fitter than ever. Come CIM, that quad will perform. Maybe it just needs a little extra dose of Lisa between now and then! : )

  2. […] do think I’m slowly getting it under control. Late in the training season for CIM last year I suffered a quad strain. I was able to recover and race and do remember my right leg and quad area being particularly sore […]

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