Age 1 – Running Career Review

My first year of running was a 0 to 26.2 in 5 months, not the smartest way to start running but it worked out. My second year was a collection of random happenings. After the 3M half marathon in 2003 I ended up doing track work for the first time, with Al’s Ship. The group met twice a week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, one day was track work and the other hills. This was my first “speed work”, I don’t even remember what it was I did back then but I do remember getting injured a month and a half into it. It was my first encounter with shin splints and really not a surprise given my legs just weren’t ready for the sudden introduction of hard track and hill work. After three weeks off and some physical therapy I was back running and went right back to running to the track and hill work, with Superfeet in hand.

I can’t believe I used super feet. It seemed to be the solution de jour at Runtex those days. Shoes and superfeet. In hindsight I really should have worked on developing the strength I needed instead of putting superfeet into my shoes. The next thing was training for the 2004 Austin Marathon and I decided to train with Austin Fit. There was some sort of time trial I think I was in the “green group”, not the fastest group but the next one down I think for people looking at 3:30 or so marathons. I ended up doing the distance challenge, and raced every race with my group … so at 3M … injury … bummer. I took three complete weeks off, ran the Friday before the marathon and then decided to run the marathon. And it was fine, I ended up running a 3:27 which was nice PR. When I was with Austin Fit I was impressed by the continuous reminders to only run two a breast on town lake trail. I just wish people would heed that advice today … every group … it’s annoying as hell seeing 3 to 5 people running like they own the whole damn trail. That’s the end of that rant.

After the Austin Marathon I decided I wanted some more serious training than Austin Fit and looked up RunTex University, and that summer joined Rogue (which was a RunTex spin-off) to train for the Chicago Marathon in 2004. So that was pretty much it for my second year of running.

12 to 24 Months PRs

  • 1/2 Marathon – 1:30:25 (27 minute PR)– 3M Half Marathon
  • Marathon – 3:27:17 (30 minute PR) – Austin Marathon

12 to 24 Months Lessons Learned

  1. Doing too much, too hard, too early will get you hurt.
  2. Don’t race all the time, you’ll get hurt.

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