Good progress on the road to Chicago

Last week ended with a tumble and some scrapes. Doesn’t seem like there are any lingering issues with the knee or shoulder and the week of running has been one of my more consistent ones this year. The nicer weather this week, especially on Saturday and Sunday, has been a welcome change. This has been the first week I’ve been able to pick up the pace a little. The hip issues seem to be a thing of the past and it was nice to get closer to the 6:30 pace range towards the end of the long run on Saturday.

Today was the last in the Rogue Trail Series, I decided to run the first loop of the 30k (11ish miles). I’m not a trail runner at all and am very happy I didn’t bite it on the run. It was very rocky, beautify but rocky, and pretty technical. That’s for me anyway, seemed much more difficult terrain to manage than the loop at Emma Long. On this race you really had to pay attention to where you were going. If you missed a marker, which I did as I was blindly following somebody, you would end up cutting short/long or on the 10k loop. In the rocky section there were cats eyes, it took me a while to realize that was the trail marking. There really wasn’t anything else you could attach a ribbon to so as long as you kept looking for the cats eyes you were on right path. Was a tough route and I was feeling it towards the end, I’m sure my ankles will be sore tomorrow. Guess I need to work in some trail running to strengthen the lower legs.

Goals for this week are to make it to the gym twice and call Lisa to get a regular massage scheduled 🙂


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