Getting back on the saddle

October 23, 2011

The running gods have been very good to me the last three years. I managed to break 3 hours at CIM 2008, ran my fastest half marathon in San Antonio in 2010 in 1:19:19 and three weeks later ran a 2:48:30 at CIM 2010. Since that race my running has been a little lack luster and it’s time to try and get back into the swing of things. To help give me a kick I decided to sign up with Rogues’ Team Rogue Local Elite. My times in 2010 qualify me for the perks and privileges for the slower or Silver members of the team. I’ll need to get back in the shape I was in last year to stay on so that should add some needed motivation.

The lead-up to CIM 2010 was near perfect. It included getting married to Asia and a year where I averaged 60 miles a week. I barely missed a run or a gym workout and managed to stay injury free with some of the most intense training I’ve ever done. The lead-up to the race wasn’t ideal but the more than fifteen 20+ mile long runs and consistency the preceding year helped me PR and break the 2:50 mark.

The intensity the year and a half leading to CIM 2010 had it’s toll though. After CIM 2010 my motivation to keep training at that intensity just wasn’t there. I needed a mental break. I think most people do. Since the beginning of this year my training has been spotty, enough to keep some of my fitness but my training has favored sleep over miles 🙂 I think I’m mentally rested and now it’s time to lace up the shoes on a more regular basis.

So what next. Well, a break from marathons. Yup. It’s time to switch it up and try some 5k and 10k training. I feel like I can run 20 miles every weekend right now and need a change, something to energize the mind and body so it’s going to be the type of running I dread. That pain in the chest that is just unbearable for me but what I need right now. So I’ll be running with Carmen Troncoso and Rogue. I’m looking forward to working on speed again, giving up some of the base and endurance I’ve built up the last few years. Not sure what the result will be but it should be fun.

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