What a great way to end a 16 mile run

July 17, 2008

Today has to be the first time I’ve ever run 16 miles during the week and not on a long run on the weekend. I was glad that today went much better than yesterday when I was really struggling. It’s probably from a combination of better nutrition and being well rested. Today may have been a little too good though. I went out pretty slow, it was humid and because of yesterdays tough 7 mile run I really wasn’t in the mood to push the pace much. On the way back though with the slight downhill and as the humidity came down the pace picked up, after I hit the trail it was relaxed breathing but I was around a 7:00 min pace, and going between 6:55 and 7:00 for the last three miles even with an effort to try and relax and slow down. I think I’ll pay for this on Saturday.

Then the best part, getting into Barton Springs to soak and recover, you can see Julia and Roger here. It’s just such a great feeling, better than an ice bath for sure.

Geezer has a post on the topic of soaking at Barton Springs and how some of the recent … what’s the word … crap we’ve gotten for soaking. This has ranged from the ongoing can you go in with your shoes because that somehow pollutes the water and damages the spring and then the weird looks about runners using up too much space standing there on the side when we soak our legs.

All I know is being able to soak after a long run in Barton Springs is great. I tend to put on sandals to go in just because I like to get my shoes off after a run. The wearing shoes is bad for the springs argument is NOT the reason for me, I find that argument a little hard to swallow. I agree with Geezer in his post about what some peoples real reasons might be, and honestly I’d appreciate it if people just said that it’s because it annoys them instead trying to make an inaccurate scientific argument.

Now as for using up too much space, I think runners go out of their way to stay to the side and the end of the springs to allow swimmers the space they need to do what they’re doing and for the most part everybody gets along fabulously. I say let’s not let a few vocal people ruin the vibe and every body’s enjoyment of Barton Springs … and that applies to runners, sun bathers, swimmers and whoever else is there.

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