Hill mechanics comparison to last season

January 28, 2010

I feel like I’m in similar shape to CIM at this point, maybe a little better since the hill mechanics repeats didn’t feel  as tough on the 800 m reps. Of course it was August last year which was warmer so that is a factor to consider.

Today I managed 4 sets of hill mechanics repeats and the 800m portion ended up being pretty decent. The sets are between 0.48 and 0.5 miles based on last season when I used the Garmin once around. So with the time for each rep below is the range for my pace

Time   0.48M    0.5M
3:04      6:23      6:08
2:59      6:13       5:58
2:53      6:00      5:46
2:48      5:50      5:36

Last season I assumed it was 0.48 so I’ll stick with that this season. For Portland 6 weeks or 7 weeks out from the race I ran three sets and was between 2:49 and 2:52 paces. That was much closer to the race than we are to Boston at this point (10ish weeks out maybe). Too early to tell what shape I’ll be in for Boston but it was good to run faster this week and not feel any lingering pain.

Second set of scenic hill repeats and weeks going according to plan … so far

September 18, 2008

This is the third week into the hill phase and we’re repeating our the last two weeks. Tuesday was a progressive pace, with a slight twist compared to last time, and today the workout was scenic hill repeats … 6 instead of 4 from two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I commented about the goal of the workout and how it kind of held steady. And I’ve recently been felling good about 3:00 hour marathon based pace work and have chosen a workout a week (pre-chosen so I don’t rationalize it away on the day) to work closer to a 2:55 based pace:

Marathon Time   MGP       1/2MGP
2:59:59              6:53,      6:31
2:54:59              6:41,      6:20

The workout I choose to do this for this week was the Tuesday progressive pace run. Two weeks ago the workout was 4 miles up, then 2 at MGP+10 seconds, 2 at MGP and then 2 faster than MGP. This week was 2 miles up, then 4 at MGP, 2 at 1/2MGP and 2 faster. Two weeks ago I did them based of a 3:00 and this week to push closer to 2:55. The splits ended up working out well and I felt good about pushing a little harder out of my comfort zone. The weather was fabulous too so that probably had something to do with it:

Two Weeks Ago
6:52 7:11 (3 Hour MGP+10 = 7:02)
6:38 6:53 (3 Hour MGP = 6:52)
6:39 6:26 (3 Hour HMGP = 6:31)

This Week
6:43, 6:48, 6:54 6:29 (2:55 MGP = 6:41)
6:10, 6:17 (2:55 HGMP = 6:20)
6:16, 6:02 (Good enough)

I’ll keep picking a workout a week for the next month to work closer to a 2:55 pace, hopefully start feeling better about those paces by CIM and then use that as a starting point for Boston training. The workout today went pretty well. Managed to run up scenic hill faster than I EVER have on the 5th set with a time of 2:10. I of course paid for it on the 6th set but was able to keep that at a 2:20 so I was really happy with pushing to the edge … I haven’t quite figured out if this is trying to break the metronome or tune it … time will tell.

Current Wins – Packed up at the office, Getting better at pushing the edge on workout

Current Losses – Nutrition (ice cream and milkshakes too regular), no plans for the 3 week break between jobs

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