Defining your long run

September 25, 2010

I was grabbing lunch at work this week and ran into a runner at NI and we were talking about our training (my marathon training and his Ironman training). Somewhere along the way he mentioned long runs and how for his Ironman he isn’t really going to run much farther than 15 miles for his long runs, very different from the three 20+ mile long runs he used to do for marathon training. He made a point about the intent in his training for the Ironman, to survive the distance versus training for speed when focusing solely on the marathon. The risk of the higher mileage with all the additional training he has to do for the Ironman just makes longer runs impractical for him.

His comment about 3 long runs over 20 miles got me thinking about my last two years training with Team Rogue, a program Steve Sisson started at Rogue two summers ago. During my training for the Portland Marathon last year my log shows me running 10 long runs over 20 miles with a good deal at 22 or 24 miles. This season for CIM I should be around 15 long runs over 20 miles. 3 years ago I would have been amazed to run 3 long runs over 20 miles. It’s been interesting how at this point after the two years being on Team Rogue running 20 miles just seems normal, a down or recovery week results in a 16 or 18 mile long run on the weekend. This may sound crazy to others in training groups or designing their own training plans, but the results really have been great for me. It didn’t just happen overnight, it took me a while to realize there were many things I needed to do to train at this intensity.  It’s taken two years to be a this point where I feel like my body can handle it. The strength work, focus on nutrition, regular massages and icing have been essential to get to this point. The amount of discipline it requires to train at the intensity Team Rogue demands can be daunting and I often question just how long I want to keep it going. It’s difficult to think that after CIM this year I may not train with Team Rogue, there are many friends I see every other day that train at this level and just unplugging will be difficult. At least I know there are other training programs at Rogue that aren’t quite as demanding as Team Rogue I can slide into when I need a break and still be part of the community.

Oh did I forget to mention I got engaged last night. Well I did 🙂

Running funk

March 13, 2010

The best way to describe today’s log run is that it a “running funk”. I started early with Asia, Jason and Chris since a couple of folks needed to finish before 8:30. We ran 6 miles before hand and met the group for 12. During the 6 miles I started getting a side stitch, I could tell my arm motion wasn’t right and I was leaning forward … just poor running form. Then during the 12 miles I just couldn’t feel my legs, my whole running motion in my legs felt out of control, from my hips to my hamstrings all the way down. Just loose flopping of the legs and feet. Hope it’s a just a one day or week thing, better now than during the race.

Long run of 24 miles and Mizuno Musha test run

February 6, 2010

Today was a little under 24 miles around a 7:30 min/mile overall pace so nice and easy. The team met up at 6:00 and got 8 miles in before another 16 with the rest of the Rogues at 7:00. I decided to try the Mizuno Musha during the first 8 miles.

Mizuno Musha

The Mizuno Musha are racing shoes, very light with just a little support, and should be great for racing a marathon if my legs can handle them. The first 8 miles of the run went well with them on, it was a very different feel and I could tell that they didn’t have any cushioning so they would not be good trainers. They’re very flexible and responsive so they should feel good to run in at faster paces but aren’t quite right for the more plodding motion of easy runs.

I’m also going to give the Brooks Green Silence a go and decide if either of these shoes will be my racing shoes, ideally for the marathon but if not then for some shorter distances. I’m positive they will not suit me for everyday training shoes.

Brooks Green Silence

This week should end somewhere around 70 miles, it would have been closer to 80 but getting a cold over the weekend made me miss a couple of runs this week.

First 24 mile long run of the season

January 30, 2010

This week is a prescribed down week but I didn’t take the long run down to 16 but went for 24. Since I’m kind of still building up (lingering injury from the race in Portland sidelined me a little) I’ll be at 70 miles for the week and below my base target of 75 to 80 miles a week. I may pay for it come the first I guess “non-race prep” but kind of a “race prep” run at the Ausitn Marathon in two weeks. The next two weeks will be up weeks and at Austin I’ll try for 3 sets of 5 miles at MGP (marathon goal pace). That will be extremely challenging for me but it’ll tell me where I stand from a fitness standpoint.

Today’s run was interesting. I ran 3 miles with Mike and Chris and we averaged 8 min/mile and then another 21.5 on the course the Austin Marathoners were running, which happen to be the North part of the actual marathon course. Within a mile and half of this leg I was pretty much on my own. I’m not quite at the fitness of everybody else as far as pushing paces so was in pretty much no mans land for the entire run, it reminded me of training for CIM. During CIM training I expected it but wasn’t quite mentally ready today. I was looking forward to running with people for the portion before they turned off for 16 but everybody has their own training to do so it wasn’t meant to be. It was a mentally test to just keep trudging along without any conversations or others to obseve to distract myself. Overall pace for this leg was close to 7:15 min/mile so a good comfortable pace.

One month later and my second 20 mile run of the season

January 16, 2010

It’s been just over a month and I ran my second 20+ mike run of the season. That’s 3 less than I wanted at this point but that’s life. Because of the tendinitis that took hold in my right ankle I took 2 weeks completely off and have been building back since then. I’ll hopefully be around 60 miles this week and plan to take it easy getting up to my base goal of 75 miles a week.

My lack of committment this season has taken it’s toll and I’m doing my best to get all those other things that are so important for me to stay healthy back into my routine. The gym, icing, stretching and nutrition. My motivation isn’t quite there compared to training for Portland so I’ll have to live with whatever Boston holds for me this year. I need a mental recharge and don’t want running to become a chore so I’ll just play it by ear and get completely comitted for the Fall season.

Good weather and first over 20 mile long run of the season

December 12, 2009

Today’s run would have to be described as hilly. You can see that on the image below, feel free to click on it to see the full details of the run on the Garmin site.

I’ve been having some trouble with my right foot now, I tweeked it last Sunday so the top of the foot has been a little sore. It hasn’t been getting any worse and I did manage over 22.5 miles today so I think it’s under control. A massage this week should help. The weather today was close to perfect and we had a decent sized group running together. I was pretty amazed that we probably had a pack of 15 or so running up front. It’ll be fun to see all the people in that pack continue to improve their running and be sub-3 hour marathon runners … a matter of time and training.

Last down week before we taper

September 12, 2009

This was the last down week before the marathon on October 4th. Next weekend is the last race prep after which it’s a two week taper. Long run was right under 16 miles averaging a 7:44 min/mile pace. Leg’s definitely don’t feel snappy but the race is three weeks away so hope they’ll be ready by then.

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