Impact of mileage and effort

October 23, 2008

Today was the second critical velocity workout we’ve done, the last one being earlier in the month on the 2nd. This week has been interesting since Sunday we raced a 10k, then it was 14 miles on Tuesday with Mike, Ken, Bruce and others, 10 on Wednesday and the 4x2k workout today. I’ve been surprised at how well the legs have held up. The 10 miles on Wednesday seemed like the most difficult run for the week.

The last time I did the 4x2k workout I didn’t run the 28 miler with the Team that weekend since I went out of town on vacation. This week we have a 23 mile run with 15 at marathon goal pace (MGP) so I’m looking forward to seeing how I do since this will be a nice stint of consistent mileage and effort. Over the last few weeks Steve has reminded us that it’s the combination of the workouts that together are trying to induce adaptations, it’s the tough workout on Thursday that tires our legs and the long Saturday run. For me it is good motivation to keep it going this season and also focus on the training after CIM to follow the example set by a lot of the other team members with their consistency and focus. It’s been very motivating to see Mike, Larry, Ken, Bruce, Damon, Jason …. the list goes on, throughout the program as well as all the people that have struggled through ups and down, just keep going and not giving up.

Today’s Run: 4x2k at 15k pace. On Target

Current Wins: Challenging work, cooler weather, Heroes is interesting again

Current Losses: Side stitch lingers, ditched current start up idea, less time with friends


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