Racing as a “team”

June 25, 2008

There’s a nice post by Ruth about Team Rogue on “training together and racing together”, basically about a large group all trying to perform for the same race. When I started with Team Rogue I wasn’t quite sure about racing CIM, it was more of I’ll go there and support everybody but now there is that nagging urge to run a marathon and get that sub-3 out of the way.

The post reminded me of the training I did with the Performance Project from 2005 to 2006, with the Boston Marathon  ’06 being the goal. I’d trained with the same group of people for quite a while as part of the Performance Project, Kent, Duane and Tracy were a few. Even though we were all training together there were a lot of different races and distances invovled so the workouts people were running would be different and the folks with the later races wouldn’t necessarily have too many people to run with towards the end. So I do see the benefit of having the vast majority of us go for the same race.

The postivie of the Performance Project and I think of Team Rogue though is the team atmosphere. Boston ’06 was a great experience for me and one of the main reasons was that there were a few of us that had trained together the whole time and were going up together. I ended up rooming with Kent but Tracy and I were about the same pace so we actually came up with two race plans together, then both agreed on one that was in between both our philophies. We ended up running the first 17 miles basically with each other, I suck at hills so I lost Tracy when they started and caught up at the top of heartbreak hill. After the marathon, we both shared what was going through our heads. I felt terrible the first 5 to 6 miles but didn’t let on since Tracy was there and he apparently felt bad the next 6 … so having that support really is nice. We did agree up front of course that this is the plan but if one person is feeling bad or not having a good day the other needs to run their race and not worry about it. Overall though, the experience of training together for close to 9 months, then travelling to a city, waiting in the athelete’s tent area, and then racing together was an experience that was a lot of fun and very rewarding.


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