The expected up and down and up of running

January 8, 2009

During the first team run of the week on Tuesday I was commenting on how I felt really fresh after CIM. My runs had been in the 7:20 pace range, with some good pickups thrown into the mix. I did say at the time that I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, that euphoric I’m on top of the world sensations doesn’t tend to last too long in a training season and … it didn’t. Wednesday morning was a rough time for me, I met up with Ken, Mike and Bruce and we ran an easy 10 miles. The effort was ok, not hard, but I did feel sluggish. Part of it could be the cedar pollen which can hit me pretty badly but the other thing is the accumulation of mileage. I’m very glad that I did take the run easy and had others to run it with, it was the just the right recovery.

Today was a comfortable 11.5 mile run with Kristin back in the 7:20 pace range through East Austin: For part of the run we had a chance to catch up with Chris and Andrew which was fun. On a few foot strikes I did feel a little discomfort but still very minor pain. I did have a doctors appointment already planned. The first time I felt this issue was the Friday before CIM. It really was my fault for trying new shoes (to walk around in not to run in). The Nike Lunar Racers, very comfortable but also flexible and that seemed to aggravate the second to last toe in my right foot … enough where I was in pain walking to the expo and dinner. I managed to work it out and run the race that Sunday … and PR which was nice. Since then I’ve continued to have some swelling in that area. X-ray’s were negative but trying to get release work done hasn’t fixed the issue yet … so now time for an MRI to see if there is a stress fracture.

The good thing is I’m in very little pain, almost none most of the time walking or running … I ran 75 miles last week without any trouble. The bad thing is this just hasn’t gone away, so now it’s a matter of checking it out to see if it’s a soft tissue issue or not. Can’t worry about it till I know the details next Wednesday. Until then, I’ll keep on running, hoping for another 75 mile week by this Saturday.

Current Wins: A year older, running faster, new found friends (more than those mentioned)

Current Losses: Need an MRI, house cleaning

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