Ah those injuries, and how laziness seems to make them keep coming back

August 3, 2008

Over the last couple of years there have been a couple of consistent on and off … not quite injuries but injuries waiting to happen. After years of running you’d think that I’d be better about being consistent but alas it’s only when things start cropping up that I tend to becoming regular about strength training etc.

The three things I’m playing with right now are:

  1. Runners knee in my right knee
  2. Calf issues in the left leg
  3. Plantar in my right foot (little bit in my left foot)

My runners knee is pretty much in check and I don’t tend to feel my knee at all as long as I stick to a very simple strength training regimen. My interior quad muscle on my right leg (no idea what the technical name is) is weaker than the rest of my quad so that tends to make my knee track incorrectly a little and so the pain. As long as I can get in single legged squats once a week (body weight or machine) that seems to keep this in check. Before this one crops back up I need to make sure I hit the gym once a week, I would say twice a week but I know I wont’ manage that.

My calf issues on my left leg are interesting. I remember when I was training with Carmen and Ricardo, Ricardo made a comment that when I push off on my left foot that right before toe off I tend to push out a little. Basically a slight twist with my heel pushing outward. So I’m pushing off at that point with my big toe and the toe next to it. I need to do some of the standard band exercises for shin issues to balance things out but the other thing is the same things I need to do for my plantar in my right foot.

My plantar in my right foot has been ongoing for a couple of weeks. Lisa looked at it and didn’t find any major issues and it hasn’t in any way impacted my running or form, just discomfort if I press into it. Yesterday was the first time I did the towel lift exercise; leg extended, grab the towel and pick it up with toes only and try and use all five toes. It was an eye opener that I really struggled doing this with my right foot, it took some real concentration. I then moved to my left foot where some of my toe off issues and soreness on the top of my foot area also related to weak muscles. On this foot it was much easier to lift the towel but I focused more on using my outer toes on the left foot. Hopefully doing this regularly will help.

I should have picked up on the issues with my foot muscles earlier. On longer and faster runs I’ve been getting blisters (nothing major but there) on the front of my toes. This is from scrunching them in on runs since I don’t have the necessary foot strength. The goal now is to get all this balanced out while we’re in this easier running phase and before we hit the speed work at the beginning of next month.


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