Two 10+ Mile days during the week and a nice run up Shoal Creek trial

June 19, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve run more than 10 miles on two days during the week, not including the long run on the weekend. Wiley and Geezer have been at this for a while and are both in the 70 miles a week range while I’m still at 45 this week (hopefully) and their comments about 10 mile runs seeming like short easy runs is starting to make some sense now.

One of the things that will be interesting for me is the 5 mile a week increase till I hit 70 and then trying to keep that level for 4 weeks until we get out of the Lydiard phase. With steady state runs (Karen has a good description) starting next week it’ll be interesting to see how my body reacts to the slightly increased effort and mileage together. Need to make sure food, rest, stretching and strength training are handled well during this time. And then when we get out of this base phase and start with more tempo and faster work while trying to keep the milage up will be a true test, that’ll be when some fine tuning and adjustment in milage will likely come into play.

Today’s 12 mile run felt good, it was a little cooler and as the sun comes out the humdity tends to come down a bit. The work done on the trail is impressive, you still have the rocky true trail for the die hards and nice concrete paved portions to make the way from Town Lake all the way up to Shoal Creek and 38th. If you haven’t run it Wiley has a link to a writeup on the trail.

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