Final race prep for Boston Marathon 2010 is done

Today was a 27ish mile training run that includes two sets of 4 miles at marathon goal pace (MGP), and miles 20 to 26 were a cut down on the track. 2 miles at MGP, 2 at half marathon pace (HGP) and 2 at 10k pace. We’ll that’s the theory of the workout. I’ve never manged to hit all those paces in the 3 times I’ve attempted the workout, but just getting through it is somewhat a success.

Today’s workout was somewhat similar to what we did in preparation for the Portland Marathon in 2009. The major differences being the hard mile on the track wasn’t there, instead of 2×5 miles at MGP today was 2×4 miles at MGP. Today’s workout went very similar to what I ran in the same race prep for Portland, not pace wise but overall results. I ran everything 10 seconds or faster today than August of 2009 leading to Portland.

Goal paces for a 2:45 marathon are as follows:

  • MGP 6:18
  • HGP 6:00
  • 10k 5:40

The outcome of today’s workout:

2×4 miles at MGP
Set 1 – 6:12 pace
Set 2 – 6:14 pace

Track MGP 1 – 6:13
Track MGP 2 – 6:15
Track HGP 1 – 5:58
Track HGP 2 – 6:13
Track 10k 1 – 6:25
Track 10k 2 – 6:40

The 8 miles at MGP were a little too fast as were my first two miles on the track. I felt fine until the 10k portion when it was just brutal. When I did this workout for Portland my 5th mile on the track was 15 seconds slower than MGP so I’m much happier with today’s results. During the last mile Steve made me back off on the first lap, I ran close to 8 minute pace, and then I managed to get back into MGP easily. The entire track session was a 6:17 pace so not too shabby.

Now to plan for what I’ll run at Boston. I think if I run conservatively I’ll go out at 6:25’s through the first 16 miles, then see what the hills bring and try and get back on pace to finish under 2:50. If I decide to let loose then the first 16 will be closer to 6:20 … I’m not sure what price I’ll pay later on for it though. I’ll post my race plan next weekend for anybody that’s curious, my goal for Boston will likely be somewhere between 2:47 and 2:50.


2 Responses to Final race prep for Boston Marathon 2010 is done

  1. MikeW says:

    Lets not forget the crazy hills, and no one is supposed to run 10k pace for miles 25 and 26!
    Great job!

  2. […] 3rd race prep today, similar to the one we do every season. The closest one based on my fitness was the one for Boston this year. In the end, today I just mentally folded on the last part of the workout, no physical reason to do […]

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